What’s your mission if you choose to accept it, Aries?

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Do you know why you are the best soldier on the front lines? It’s because you’re not afraid to fight for what you truly believe. The only thing that can get away from your defense system is knowing who’s your allies and who’s your enemy. Only the truth can allow you to use your Mars energy and slay out the nonsense. You’re welcome! Below are several messages for the Aries out there that needs, confirmation, motivation, and inspiration about their life’s purpose. You’ll know if I’m speaking to you, specifically!

First Message:

You may be “content” now but are you truly living the life of your dreams. Are you thriving in your projects? Are you ecstatic about the thought of waking up from your bed because you’ll be rushing toward your goals and aspirations? If it’s a yes, keep on discovering because your curious side will be happy to seek and be delighted about what it has found. If it’s a no, I’m here to remind you that you have one life to live. You have more options than you realized. Don’t fall for any traps but keep your eyes (heart) open for what’s is right for you!

Second Message:

What are you waiting for, Aries? You’ve spent several sleepless nights, wondering when something was going to come about. The opportunity has presented itself but you want to list the pros and cons when you’ve already been debating this situation to death. It’s time to get out of the Air signs kitchen and maybe start befriending a Leo or Sagittarius for a change. They might teach you a thing or two about staying consistent when it comes to your goals.

Third Message:

Your belief system is what’s going to break you or make you! I believe that the upcoming mercury retrograde (do your research!) is going to help you to review for the quiz because there will be a final (or very important) exam coming in October. Where do you stand in the balance of things? What are you fighting for? What do you value? You need to ask the right questions to get the right answers. If you don’t like what’s been revealed to you: Understand that there’s an underlying situation that has been driving you, subconsciously. Rectify the situation by taking some apart from your regular crap and analyze things for what they are, truly. That’s the only you can start making real changes. If what’s been revealed to you is divinely guided then you shouldn’t worry about the next step that you’ll need to take in this journey of yours. Logical to you does not necessarily mean logical to others. Believe that!

Fourth Message:

Have you taken a shower today, Aries? I don’t mean to be rude but how can you conquer the world if you cannot stand the smell of yourself. How about you that keeps on with the dead-end jobs, tiresome relationships, and activities with no purpose? I don’t know how much sleeping you can do throughout this whole mess but there’s a wake-up call like you’ve never heard or seen before. There’s going to be a lot of “Bye, bye, bye”, either by you or others. It’s not even a matter of when because you are probably feeling like an ending is looming. Let it freaking go, already!

Fifth Message:

You’re the group of Aries that deserves encouragement and a lot of support because you’ve actually done the work. Even if you felt like your teeth were getting pulled, you still went ahead and did the right thing. You are feeling yourself because it feels good to be you. Other people are noticing and they have the nerve to ask you for something. I’m talking about the ones that take but when you need, poof out of sight! Pretend like you are a statue when they come by. You should just be admired by these fools. If we’re not going to elevate equally then why the hell do I need you for?

Sixth Message:

Do me a favor and go lay your head on that pillow, Aries. Your dreams are trying to tell you that you shouldn’t be the one to be tamed! You feel like this life has been shaking you up and down like a bottle of champagne. You’re about to pop! I feel like you want to scream your head out: What do you want from me, Universe! It’s time to be yourself at any level. You could have been living according to someone else’s desires or within a construct that’s not your own. You’re about to be pointed in the right direction! Don’t take anything with you. It’s a solo mission and you’re the protagonist in this story.



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