My Daily Teacher

My moon in Virgo teaches me about my relationship with routine and consistency since it resides in my 7th house. The planets in my 1st house and my Sun in the 2nd remind me of this cyclical work in progress. The opposite energies want to teach me about the need to have balance in everything. Metaphorically, your different aspects of yourself represent members of the governing body. The governing body has laws that need to be respected and followed.

My moon in Virgo represents the path and illustrates what inevitably happens on the way. I will need to rest my feet and drink some water. I must ingest healthy substances and fruitful ideas to keep going or make directional decisions. If I decide to pivot, I might go back to a pit stop or try my luck in a new town. Doesn’t it sound like a game? Leo is in my 6th house and wants me to understand how to make instinctual decisions and when it’s time to take some calculated risks.

The drawback is that Leo wants to have an adventure and the time of his life, 24/7. How does that happen, realistically? The essence of Leo is fun and heart-based, but historically, I have focused mainly on masculine and extraverted energy. Assert my independence and strength versus staying in a forever youthful attitude. However, I’m trying to connect to my true essence because I believe it’s my superpower. Fixing my perspective has brought about good things in my life.

Cancer energy in the 6th house may have dampened my fiery energy with past upbringing issues. The times when I have not forgiven myself brought about being stuck and ironically repeating the same habits repeatedly. On the other hand, burying my head in the sand and letting my life pass me by for too long is not a solution. Is ignorance blissful if you’ve been putting yourself into a trance and using unhealthy routines to ignore your power or desires?

Let’s not forget that the 7th house is the playground of relationships. The health of a relationship will always affect the relationship with yourself and vice versa. It would make more sense if this were a connection between coach and player than lovers. It would be easier to abide by the rules of a personal physical instructor than to effectively compromise in a serious long-term relationship.

The other aspect of the 7th house also refers to frenemies and enemies. How do someone else’s routine and lifestyle negatively affect you? I’m not referring to unavoidable circumstances; I’m pointing out those inevitable aspects of a relationship that cannot be ignored. I realized that Cancer in my 6th house represents the shadow side of my moon in Virgo. When the night rises, so does my hunger and anger. You’ve bet I’ve met individuals who have made me dance the tango between those two shadowy aspects of myself.

The negative aspect was the denial and suppression (poor attempt) of these feelings, which brought about addictive tendencies that have plagued my life since I cannot remember. Sometimes I wish I was born into a different family, but that’s unrealistic. The joke is that I met other people from diverse backgrounds, but the connection and the personalities were similar to my current familial ties.

Also, I realize how much Virgo characteristics are relevant in the 7th house, which is the ruler house of Venus/Libra. When it comes to one-on-one relationships, my moon in Virgo lets me know that I need regular communication with my significant other and vice versa. Again the 7th house does represent others, so it gives me a unique psychic perspective on what others need. Depending on the level of the relationship, lifestyle and health are components that need alignment in the relationship. Libra’s energy emphasizes the romantic aspect of the relationship, especially regarding sex. The Virgo energy would be giving you a prescription for a daily dose of sex because that is essential.



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