Life according to an Aries (dedication/poem)

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Yes, I do have that impatient streak. That’s precisely why you love me. You pretend not to know who I am. The mirror never lies. I’m not the one for delusions. That’s exactly what I’m running away from. The lies that attempt to keep me down. The dreams that seem to never make sense. I hear, and then I follow. I’m your conscious sight and that raw edge that will never quit. They talk about fairy tales, but you know you need to look within. Sometimes, you have to quit to see the truth. Other times, never letting go is the solution.

Let’s be honest, you won’t always have the personal energy to reach your perfect day. Your thoughts will be your consolation for a better tomorrow. You can when you want, but immediate results only happen in the future( or the next 5 months, if you know a Leo). It will feel like your luck came out of nowhere, but it’s all based on your past hard work. One thing you have to understand is that you don’t need to kill yourself to succeed. I understand your excitement can make you feel like you can run a marathon in one day. Therefore, you will be the first one on the battlefield.

Obstacles and hurdles are not meant to stop you indefinitely. Learning from your mistakes can allow you to hone your gifts. Where you think you might be lacking, time to build up. Go back to the basics and ensure the foundation is tight and solid. Most of the time, you just need the dust to settle. With all the energy you’ve been expanding, you might have missed “quelque chose.” You already want to achieve “z,” but you haven’t realized that “m” is well underway. You need to see the change that you’ve made happen. You don’t need to kick more rocks. Drink some tea(or coffee) and observe.

Don’t let the more passive of our tribe fool you. The fire that burns within can light up a room. It only occurs when they genuinely embrace themselves. They just need more contemplation, maybe more fuel. They cheer for our physical prowess and our leadership skills. They’re humble enough to let you fail forward because you wanted to extinguish everything in sight. They admire our forward movement, but they’re smart enough to know when caution is needed. On the other hand, that quiet pride might come out unexpectedly (or while intoxicated). They want to be first, to arrive, and that “me” streak will come out in the bedroom.

We might always want to be ahead, but we get to be vulnerable first. We show that strength comes from that authentic inner self. On that redemption road, we met a Scorpio, and everything made sense. Therefore, we take off the layers, and we’re able to see the structures. When we’re sure of what we’re made of, we can see what was passed down from generation to generation. We carefully extricate the lessons that no longer need learning. You might join an Aquarius to rebuild or take time to think things through. Taurus will always remind you of your self-worth and values. The reminders make you unbeatable; your weapon and victory is the follow-through.



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