It’s time to follow your higher purpose, Taurus.

There are times when we’re trying to figure out where we are. We’ve created rulers, GPS, scales, measuring tapes, compass, pressure gauge, calipers, thermometers, etc., just so we can figure out the condition, the state, the location of where we are, physically. Except for growing older, we have no idea how to measure emotional intelligence. There’s no good factor or accurate tool that can quantify how we genuinely feel. Logic cannot, realistically, make sense of feelings. Therefore, in its pride, what it cannot count, it actually “mounts”. For the better part of our life, our emotions have carried logic as if it’s a second-grade citizen.

We know the freaking rules, and we’ve been(some of us) abiding by them for a while now. Whether we’ve personally conceived them in our lives or not, we’ve always seemed to be under the thumb of “something”. I’m happy for the lucky Tauruses that were brought up knowing the true meaning of freedom, individuality, and self-expression. Better late than never, I guess we’re ready to start listening and understand what the heck is accurately going on!

Heart of the Matter:

The only stamp of approval needed is your own, says Janelle Monáe in her song, “I Like That”:

And I like that

I don’t really give a fuck if I was just the only one

Who likes that

I never like to follow, follow all around, the chase is on.

I concur. You’ve been on this road for too long to let other people dictate what’s right or not. Even if you’ve found yourself at crossroads or perhaps, lost, there’s more than meets the eye, especially in your position. I believe that stalemates, situations you’ve been pondering for a while, have more leeway than you think. If you still weigh up your options based solely on good or bad, you need to shift your perspective.

You’ve crossed the threshold into a different kind of lifestyle. The choices made are based on following your instincts. Still, you’re trying to figure out why these opportunities have presented themselves in the first place. You should probably research and pay attention to the transit of Pluto (Themes: Scorpio, Death, Regeneration, Rebirth, Transformation, Transcendent, The Tower card in Major Arcana, etc.) in Capricorn (Themes: history, hierarchy, government, control, restrictions, patriarchy, laws, organization, business, reputation, career) and how these issues play a significant role in your life, as well as others.

First Opportunity:

It is a new beginning that will change how you tackle day-to-day activities, but it seems that love can be a game-changer. See, the domino effect is at play, but you might meet another earth(Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) sign along the way. Furthermore, you need to understand how your actions have created harmony in the home, workplace, social life, and other fulfilling spheres of your life. For some, it could have occurred as a result of the breakdown of specific dynamics. You might have thought you couldn’t go on with a situation, relationship, thing, but then you realize how genuinely codependent the connections were. You can think of Aquarius as cold as a cucumber, but their detachment habits can be as helpful as a day at the spa. You need to know what drives you, what your intentions are, and your goals. You can only easily access this vital information by being brutally honest with yourself. It would be best if you observed your emotions to make that deduction. At that point, you can prepare for war because you’ll have everything needed at your disposal.

Nevertheless, don’t beat on yourself for knowingly ignoring your inner compass! On the other hand, don’t be disillusioned; I’m referring to the ones who will realize what needs to occur. Once you’ve learned that you need to get your life in order, re-adjustments and endings will happen. Be aware that somebody will try to get back to you. You will receive phone calls, texts, chats, inbox messages from curious individuals. They want to know what’s going on with you since a falling out or a period of separation. If you play your cards correctly, you might figure out where they fit in your puzzle. For a variety of reasons, you will want to reconnect.

You’ll need to take into consideration that mercury retrograde can be the reason why some people “feel” or have the nerve to reach out to you. If you’ve known that someone was a waste of your time, you won’t bat an eye while letting your call go to voicemail. On the other hand, taking a chance on doing something that you want may not be so bad after all, sponsored by the Full Moon in Pisces( Themes: Mystical, Imaginative, Kind, Compassionate, Intuitive, Sympathetic, Dreamer, Wise, Selfless). Don’t bet the future on any new or upcoming developments in the following coming weeks. If you want to catch and surrender to a delicious night for 2 (or how many you prefer), it will rejuvenate you. Some lucky Taurus out there will be dined and served. The apron might be the only thing they should wear…

Second Opportunity:

It’s a love and hate situation! You want to achieve what you want, whether it’s a dream or anything that makes your life worthwhile. You don’t want to go ahead with bad intentions, but probably past actions seemed to have not operated in your favor. Or, the seed(s) you planted was unintentional or led you to undesirable results due to a lack of self-awareness. You want to take another crack at it, or you would like another try, but past experiences left a bitter taste in your mouth. Alternatively, you can be having an existential crisis! You’re wondering if this discontent will go away. Recently, if you made essential changes to your life, you’re questioning what’s really for you on the other side. You feel pretty lost in this transition period. You’re trying to figure out if it will be more of the same or if there is indeed a silver lining in all of this.

There’s another thing that’s also getting on your nerves! The fact that something or someone is taking so long to get back to you. Waiting is not your strongest suit at the moment, which can also fuel your anger and your emotional pain. Then again, it would help if you were honest with yourself regarding the lack of self-restraint that might be part of the problem. Do you have a life that you love and adore? What makes you feel so great about yourself? Instead of focusing on the imaginary “ticking clock” of when your soulmate, dream life, career, social life, etc., will arrive, maybe you need to understand what it means to be ready to receive what’s meant for you, anyways! Focus on making a minor thing thrive before attempting to sustain meaningful league stuff. Can you take care of a plant and help it grow?

I’m not going to lie! Suppose we’re going to talk about the timing of events. In that case, the North Node in Taurus(Themes: Productive, Fixed Opinions, Grounded, Hedonistic, Hospitable, Inertia, Investments, Lazy, Love of Beauty & Art, Loyalty, Plodding) is when realistic alignments for what you want and need can take root. I hate to say it but be patient, it’s coming, or your time is approaching! If someone has demonstrated themselves not to be reliable nor loyal. Ditch them! There are willing (and hotter) participants that are more than happy to engage in your love games. Cheers!



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