I Believe Therefore I Am

In astrology, understanding one essential aspect of the 12th house is discovering the mechanism of your subconscious. Sometimes, you wonder why you can't shake a particular habit away or why an event or word can trigger so much emotion from you. On the other hand, figuring out the beliefs your "subconscious tape" is running on is crucial for realizing your true potential and desires. It can be compared to Big Brother recording your Google viewing history, following your footprint on every website you visit, and blasting you with as many ads as possible. Some have been custom-made according to your wants and needs.

Dreaming is another common theme or the most known route for your subconscious to get your attention. The mystery

mainly focuses on deciphering or remembering the language you shared with your subconscious. One method to determine your dream's meaning is knowing the sign/planet residing in the 12th house, learning your Neptune and Pisces placements, and understanding your Moon's location and sign.

The moon sign is the one trajectory you can quickly identify and study. Cafe Astrology couldn't have said it better when describing the moon energy: "The Moon, in Astrology, is the ruler of Cancer. The Moon represents our deepest personal needs, our basic habits and reactions, and our unconscious."

To identify your Moon's sign, you'll need to input your birth date, exact birth time, and city into any reputable online birth chart or moon sign generator. Remember that your birth chart will detail the primary known planets triggered at your earthly arrival in the constellation. If you don't know your date of birth, you can estimate by researching the moon sign transits or moon phase calendar, which will tell you which moon sign was transiting on that day. Furthermore, if there was a shift from one zodiac sign to another, you can assume that your Moon is a combination of both respective characteristics.

Your birth Moon is the energy that prevails on how we initially feel or deal with our daily activities. Since we are attempting to decode our subconscious language and our dream pattern, understanding your Moon is a crucial step to gather:

A) You ought to know which astrological house your Moon resides in.

For example, if your Moon is in the 10th house, your daily scenes revolve around the public setting, career, patriarchy, organization, structure, management, roots, etc. Your dream will use things, people, or themes respective to that house to relay an essential piece of importance. You may be receiving ideas or plans that can be a game-changer. On the other hand, it can give you a heads up about any challenges that may come up. Alternatively, something missing can come up to the surface.

B)We need to identify the Moon's zodiac sign.

If your Moon is in Taurus and resides in the 7th house, your dreams will convey messages through the different types of relationships. If the same relationship keeps showing up as a means of focus, you'll need to figure out the purpose of that relationship. There could be an emphasis on the type of bonds keeping this connection going. Themes like freedom and fairness can be brought into question. Your dreams could have a psychic layer when it comes to an understanding the inception of a relationship and its current state from a partner's perspective.

C)You must check which placement/house is Cancer and Black Moon Lilith affecting.

While Cancer focuses on our emotional daily wants and needs, Black Moon Lilith concentrates more on the psychological effect of those deep undesirable feelings. You can momentarily suppress these feelings during your awake time, but your tight grip does not work well during your slumber period.

For instance, Cancer in the 3rd house dreams will convey the type of communication/meeting you will receive during the upcoming days. If a mother figure shows up, you can expect the messages/connections to mean several things. It can relay to your comfort level, consider said person's character, or reenact a similar issue from the past. Again, the encounter may not necessarily be with that person.

Alternatively, Black Moon Lilith in the 3rd house would pressure you into a situation where you have to speak up or confront a person. You might not want to speak about it nor know what type of words to lessen the blow. Furthermore, you may not feel comfortable with said person, making you feel like the opposing party. Again, your dreams can present people you know well or in passing to reveal the path you must take.

Neptune energy can be compared to an experienced magician performing artfully while still making you wonder how they pulled off the magic tricks. It can also be defined as the inventor of the radio, while other planets/zodiac signs (specifically those in your 12th house) can be regarded as the channels. Alternatively, it is viewed as the concept of unity, the association of associations. Ultimately, it is the lifestyle of "tuning in" to who you are on a micro and macro scale.

Furthermore, you can describe its energy by the "push and pull" dance between illusion and psychic phenomenon. You can often observe your dreams take on that same spin, irrelevancy mixed with known data. You might think that your imagination has stretched its boundaries to no man's land, but in reality, it's an all too familiar path. You need to figure out the clues!

Neptune is like the cool parent that lets their kids do whatever they want, whenever they want. Like God allowing us to live according to our free will. When you analyze this way of living, you can verify the Genuity in what can be described as madness or chaos. Whichever astrological house Neptune resides in gives you a spectrum of experiences according to that house's themes. You play "God," judge and jury in that house. Your choices reveal what you are letting go of, what you are holding on to, and the areas of your life where you are making sacrifices.

Pisces energy can be described as unattainable due to its myriad emotional facets. Alternatively, it encompasses the human experiences through its trials and errors, not focusing on the events perse but more so on our spiritual faith or lack thereof. Furthermore, Pisces energy is your imagination, and the dreams can manifest what the "muse" has presented for your consumption, digestion, or rejection.

The Wheel of Fortune theme can be observed here due to the ups and downs, ebb and flow of life. In your dreams, Pisces characterization will take on the free-flowing emotions, and you will be taught a lesson through those unguarded feelings. Since the nature of Pisces can be self-sacrificing, you may be the conduit for someone else's emotional reality. Perhaps empathy and forgiveness may be the goal of your dream interpretation.

How about the meaning of making your dreams come true? If you feel like your life conflicts with "your dreams," maybe your subconscious does not care so much for the literary meaning of that sentence. Are you directly dreaming about the life that you would love to achieve? Or do you keep seeing the environment of your disappointing situation replicating itself in your slumber world? Maybe you feel like you have no control over your life in which your subconscious mirrors the lies you've put on repeat. It's time to have an honest conversation with yourself.



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