Have I met the real you or am I speaking with your representative? (non-astrologer perspective- 1st house analysis)

In the pursuit of connecting with like-minded individuals, you’ve probably made contact with a potential suitor or platonic friend. Did you use a dating app? Have you been eyeing your sexy neighbor? Did you crash accidentally into someone’s food cart? The circumstances of meeting someone new are always relevant in figuring out who this person truly is, how to deal with the connection, and what’s the lesson in this situation.

In Astrology, the Sun sign( who you are) and the Ascendant (how you elevate in life or who you aspire to be) usually give you a good indicator of someone’s overall characteristics. As you’re able to see the sun’s splendor on a beautiful day (or cold winter day), this is how your Sun sign is perceived. This is the “you” that was pushed from your mother’s womb and took your first breath as being. The “you” without external input, influence, or “training. The raw, natural, and unique creation that was made with a mixture of intentions and spirit, that’s you.

The Ascendant energy is what you are being taught to be and what it means to you. If external influence was a spice, that soup has been embedded with plenty of that stuff. Initially, this is the energy that others sense when they acknowledge your presence. While your ascendant sign can act as a flavor booster to your Sun sign, depending on a “natural selection match”, it can completely render it neutral. Some energies just don’t mesh all that well together. For example, a person with a Sun sign that’s outgoing with an Ascendant that has a “wallflower” personality would initially appear to be shy but once you get to know them more intimately, they will show you that fire.

For some of us that are learning the connections and effects of what is going on “above” us and what’s going on around us; we’ve come to learn that our Sun sign may not necessarily be in the first house nor be the ruler of that house when we were born. In contrast, the Ascendant is always associated with the 1st house, which means you can come to understand what’s been influencing you for good or for bad. While the Sun sign is your natural flow whether interpreted negatively or positively. For example, let’s take a closer look at an individual that has a Pisces Sun sign in the 3rd house and an Ascendant in Sagittarius.

We can observe that this individual might have chosen to play peacekeeper, people’s advocate, or even instigating a call to action based on the kind of environment that they grew up in. The kind of interactions, sibling relationships (or lack thereof), home environment, and neighborhood played a huge factor. One of their challenges could have been needing to learn how to communicate or express their feelings in a constructive manner. The natural flow for them would be to use an artistic form of expression. Their Ascendant energy would be about learning which does support the 3rd house orientation. The difference is that the Sagittarius energy would be more interested in “hands-on” learning in “real world” conditions while the Pisces energy in the 3rd house would be able to create interactive learning or teaching setup. Secondly, they know how to be a supportive player (sun sign), they have to learn how to take center stage or leading positions (ascendant). Positively, they understand the evolution and stages of a situation. They can sense when something is done for good (sun sign) but they have to learn how to let go, purposely (ascendant).

What I love about the first house energy is that it can teach you about self-love. If you can accept yourself unconditionally then you have open the jackpot of happiness and love opportunities will be coming your way if it’s not currently undergoing. Without further ado, let’s welcome the Mars representative, Aries into the discussion. In the Roman myth, Mars is the persona of the god of war. Mars in astrology is often associated with action, strategy oozes sexuality, raw charisma, forward momentum, and explosive inspiration (ok, I added that part), etc. Aries is the youngest zodiac sign and thus they have a lot of energy. This fiery sign is associated with the head and I would also connect it to the crown chakra, the connection to divine intelligence. The one thing that Aries does not have enough of is new ideas. When they do follow through with each idea from beginning to end, you can see mastery. It’s not surprising that Aries Ascendant/Sun Sign in the first house has Capricorn in the 10th house (reputation, climbing the ladder, legacy, institutions, builders, careers, etc), they can bring their spark of genius into reality.

The reality is Aries represents the true New Year (March 21- April 19). Whenever springtime comes around, you can feel a shift in the air. You can feel the harsher temperature from the winter starts to mellow down. Sometimes, we’re thrown a curveball on how much we can ‘’dress down’’. We have that desire to want to venture outside and smell the new air. That is why the Aries season represents change! According to astronomy, the planet Mars also experiences season changes except each of them lasts longer. A surprising fact is that Mars’s spring is the longest season! However, the temperatures are not so kind with the -225 degrees Fahrenheit (-153 degrees Celsius) to its hottest at 70 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius). Let’s take a closer look at the personality that comes with each element in the 1st house.

Fire signs in the 1st house (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) are usually the easiest ones to recognize across the room. They know how to represent themselves because they’re in touch with their true nature. People are usually attracted to them because they can feel the “rawness” radiate from them. They are true entertainers and they love watching your reactions! In their truest form, none of them have any filters when sharing their opinion with others. That resonates a lot with the Aries! They can attack you with their words, make you laugh, or realized they’ve put their feet in their mouth. If they like you. they will attempt to woo you or strategize how they can “hook” you. Aries loves to get ahead because they love to win, that doesn’t mean you need to be a pushover. They love a challenge, make them think!

Leo is the popular one of the group, they always have people following them around(or mimicking them). They are the creator of trends and influence is their middle name. People love how “cool” they are and they love how Leo makes them feel. While Aries represents the head which is great for receiving amazing ideas and taking the lead in projects (or giving you a piece of their mind); Leo represents the heart and they get you by the emotions. Leo is the kind of hunter where the prey will just fall at their feet because they believe it’s an honor to be desired by them. However, when a Leo opens up to you and decides to share their truth, it’s a sexy thing to experience.

Sagittarius is the wise one of the group. I would compare them to some mythical immortal creature that has gone through some odd, interesting, and f#####d up experiences. If you’ve had the pleasure of being entertained by their stories, you’re one of the luckiest individuals ever! I hope you listened with your whole being because whatever was said could be the greatest eye-opener of your lifetime. They stand well alone but they know how to “party” like the rest of us, maybe even more ( their recluse ways can take a toll). Since they like to savor life at every turn, don’t be surprised to see a different side of them each time you see them. They’re like an onion, individuals with many layers; they can make you cry but they could also be the remedy that you need. A Sagittarius is there to teach you about how you see the world and your role in it. The interaction could lead you to question beliefs about yourself, whether those revelations are true or not. Feelings about independence and assertion will be a trigger.

Water signs ( Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) in the 1st house get a bad reputation for being timid, withdrawn, and introverted. Assertiveness is not a trait that’s always about pushing ahead while everybody else might be applauding your efforts or wishing your demise. First of all, whatever these zodiac signs might be passionate about may not even be on your radar.

For example, Cancer individuals representing and owning the 4th house (past, home, motherhood, upbringing, comfort food, tradition, etc) energy means that they will be submerged in their projects… most likely in their safest place. If you don’t care nor have you knocked at their door, then you will never be privy to any suspicion or inklings. Scorpios ( “what’s hidden ?”, sex, death, transformation, transition, obsessions, intentions, psychological mechanisms, etc) will not let you in on any secret projects unless they’ve subjected you to a 3D background check (spiritual, physical, emotional), they need to be more than 100% sure about who you are before considering opening up to you.

An evolve Pisces ( subconscious, unity, suspended time, isolation, mental health, dreams, visions, faith, etc) will figure out how you see the world, where your mindset is at to even divulge anything real about themselves. Sometimes, they like to play games but that’s only to see your capacity for open-mindedness. At other times, it’s just about which way the wind affects the ocean’s current. Since these zodiac signs are very much so associated with their feelings, then it makes sense that the things that they love (or not) play an important factor in shaping who they are.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) are effective people and the way they connect with others is through practical means. There’s no such thing as going with the flow even for the sensual Taurus, their “flow” is and always will be result-oriented. This group knows how to respect the laws of nature unless they’re trying to run away (mainly psychologically). If they are very efficient at achieving their goals or steadfast, sometimes you won’t even be able to recognize what they’re all about. Negatively, it’s because their intentions are always colored by other people’s perspectives. Positively, they can take on the Santa Claus persona and give you everything (almost) that you desire. These individuals are very good at purifying the methodology of something but it doesn’t mean that they came up with the idea. Honestly, it was not their preferred idea but it might be the acceptable one, to everyone else.

The ones who’ve done the work at simplifying their life meaning “not giving a hoot about what other people say” and recognizing their likes, dislikes, gifts, and talents can recognize their magician potential by following their authentic path. Capricorn says:” I want to build!” They won’t know what to build unless they recognize where they came from(historically), the people they surround themselves with, and taking note of the genius in their ideas. Virgo says:” I want reliability!.” They want it so badly that sometimes they’re willing to become a clone of someone else. Virgo is great at taking that raw, passionate energy and transform it into something that’s refined and elegant. However, the evolution has to be on their terms and their own accord. They don’t have to mimic anybody else to be seen or heard, they have everything that they need. Cook away!

The air signs element (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) can sometimes be described as “difficult to figure out” especially when it relates to their convictions. They can seem to have so many perspectives on a subject, if you take them at their “word”; you won’t know exactly where they are on a map. They will say one thing to acquaintances but they will share this other aspect with their “intimate” ones. After Aries, Gemini can be perceived as the “forever child” type maybe because their span of attention even in a conversation can be quite short. A perfect date with a Gemini would consist of any type of activity that allows for movement but also where conversations can take place. It will allow understanding of where this particular Gemini is “coming from” and/or where they’re going. It’s like being on a road trip, you’ve been driving a long time and you realize you need to take a break. Depending on the next stop location, you will figure out if you need to stop for a couple of hours or spend the night. In the morning, if you “loved” the room and service, you might even be inspired to visit the town. If the town tour delighted you, you might even decide to plan a weekend there. I hope you’re following my drift! You need to take it slow because you haven’t seen all the different personas that this Gemini has to show.

Libras are a tougher case because if you meet one that has not discovered their inner layers of truth then you’re dating the representative of all representatives. No offense, Libras! The reason is that the Libra zodiac represents balance & partnerships and they want to PLEASE their partner (or the optics of a togetherness). They want to smooth out the edges, tuck in the raw for a more smooth and polished “look”. The positive side of Libra is the fact that they do represent Venus just like their Taurus counterpart, they’re able to take their time when making a decision. Therefore, they’re more apt to give you the benefit of the doubt even if they might have already (50–60% accuracy) size you up. At the end of the day, they want to know if you’re on the same page or not?

You might catch an Aquarius on a good day, bubbly, taking notes from a Leo. Or you might catch the ever so unattainable, mysterious, and seemingly out of touch with “you”. Better yet, you have a smooth calculator, being friendly and paying attention to every single thing. They represent “the people’, therefore they can momentarily form into any one of us. The only way to know an Aquarius heart and/or interest is to discover their habits. If you don’t know where they pour their time into, you truly have no idea who they are. I’m not talking about “work”!

It doesn’t matter who you meet. It will always be a two-way street. We want to be desired, so show your interest!



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